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Reventure Newsletter

Looking for an EDGE?

Reventure Consulting’s Monthly Newsletter will arm you with the data you need to make better real estate investment decisions. Gone are the days of blindly trusting brokers and mainstream narratives to decide which neighborhoods and cities to buy a home or investment property. Reventure’s Newsletter will deliver monthly updates on investment strategy and key data such as home prices, rents, jobs, wages, and housing supply¬† so you can make the best possible decision about WHERE and WHEN to invest.

The Reventure Newsletter is currently offered through a Membership on Reventure Consulting’s YouTube channel. The cost is $4.99/month, which will give you access to the monthly Newsletter and exclusive members-only videos. Click here to sign up as a member today!¬†

Members can access the full list of historical members-only videos at this link.

  • Monthly real estate strategy and insights delivered to you
  • Gain an EDGE in real estate market selection and timing
  • Find out about the top cities and neighborhoods to invest in before anyone else
  • Real-time data on key metrics such as home prices, rents, jobs, wages, and housing supply

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Our Approach

Start with Data

95% of people make real estate decisions – often times multi-million dollar investment decisions – simply based on gut instinct and conventional wisdom. Reventure Consulting wants to change that, by giving home buyers and real estate investors access to key data so they can make better investment decisions.

Focusing on What’s Important

Reventure’s Newsletter leverages data from reputable sources such as the US Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics to provide you the Key Metrics you need to make better investment decisions. Job growth, wage growth, home appreciation, and rental rates all determine the future direction of your housing market and neighborhood. Shouldn’t you understand what they’re saying?

Real Estate is Fast Paced

Real Estate is a fast-paced industry, particularly in the turbulent times of 2021. As a result, having access to data in real time is imperative for home buyers and investors. Reventure’s Newsletter delivers these real time data points and insights into your inbox each month so you can stay on top of the market.

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