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Real estate is about location, location, location.

In an era of economic uncertainty, social unrest, and compressing yields, the old adage rings true now more than ever.

Reventure Consulting harnesses deep data to provide real estate investors with unique insight into the growth and risk factors surrounding their investments.

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Market Growth Reports

Understand the risks and growth prospects of your market and submarket.

Market Reports

Feasibility Studies

Pursue new developments confidently with detailed analysis of market supply, demand, and growth.

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Custom Data Solutions

Enhance your investment presentations with Reventure's high-end data visualizations.

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Reventure's Featured Insights

Strongest Multifamily Markets during COVID

Multifamily in most markets continues to remain resilient. In particular, affordable markets throughout the Southwest and Midwest are achieving accelerating rent growth even in the midst of a recession.

Want to find a Secure Market? Follow the Degrees

Educational attainment is the driving force behind economic growth in 2020. As a result, sound real estate investment strategy should analyze the differences in educational attainment in markets across the country.

Which markets are in a Real Estate Bubble?

Values in certain markets are beginning to detach from fundamentals. These markets are could be in a Bubble and should be approached cautiously.

The Northeast and West Coast Recession

The term “US Recession” should be replaced with “Northeast and West Coat Recession”. Those regions have job losses 2-3x higher than the rest of the country.

Now’s the Time to Invest in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is the economic powerhouse of the United States. It’s stranglehold over corporate expansion (IPOs) and innovation (tech startups) is increasing each year. This bodes well for real estate investment in the area.

Finding the Unicorn: How to discover the next Growth Neighborhood

Successful real estate investing is all about finding a neighborhood early in its growth cycle. A good way to do that is by evaluating “Value Ratio” – the relationship between home values and income levels across different neighborhoods.

Driving Growth: The Importance of the Tradable Sector

Want to understand the growth prospects of your real estate investment? Start by understanding the city’s Tradable sector.

Northeast CRE Markets set for Significant Pain

Economies in the northeast have been hit significantly hard in the wake of the COVID crisis. Real estate markets will soon follow suit as federal fiscal stimulus abates.

Market Reports

Gain unique insights into your investment markets with macro and micro- data available nowhere else.

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Feasibility Studies

Feel confident in your development project with Reventure's advanced feasibility demand and supply modeling.

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Custom Data Solutions

Enhance your investment presentations with Reventure's high-end data visualizations.

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