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Republican v Democrat: What’s the Impact on Real Estate?

Red States have consistently outperformed Blue States in terms of economic growth and affordable housing over the last 20 years. This makes them a much better investment going forward.

Want to Avoid the 2021 Housing Crash? Look at Price/Rent Ratio!

Home Prices are surging. But the economy is in the tank. How can home buyers and real estate investors make sense of this situation? By looking at Price to Rent Ratio.

DO NOT Buy Real Estate in these Cities in 2021

Looking to buy a home or investment property in 2021? Then you need to read this! There are certain cities that you need to AVOID buying real estate in.

The Best and Worst Markets of 2020

2020 was a banner year for the Housing Market. But some markets vastly outperformed others. This post will breakdown the Best and Worst Markets of 2020 and what to expect going forward.

The Million Dollar Decision: Picking the Right Market

Picking the right market to invest in is Million Dollar Decision. Get it right and you will make a lot of money. Get it wrong and you will struggle. Which side do you want to be on?

The Housing Market will Crash in Late 2021. Here’s Why.

The US Housing Market is on the precipice of collapse. A unique combination of factors in 2020 led to surge in demand for homes along with a decline in supply. These factors will reverse by late 2021 and the Housing Market will crash.

Business Formation Data: Predicting Future Growth

Want to find the next hot growth market before anyone else? Start looking at Business Formation Statistics. This data set, tracked by the US Census, provides a window into future real estate growth.

Housing Shortage or Housing Glut: How to Tell the Difference

Is your market experiencing a Housing Glut or Housing Shortage? The answer to this question has large implications for your returns. Fortunately, data analytics can help identify these market situations in real-time.

Discover New Markets

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Utilize Reventure's data and high-end visualizations to improve your investment narrative and get more deals closed.

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