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COMING SOON: Florida Housing Crash 2.0?

Florida’s Housing Market is BOOMING in 2021. But could the state be heading for another 50% crash in Home Prices? Certain data says that’s a possibility.

The MYTH of Surging Construction Costs & Home Prices

Surging Construction Costs in 2021 are being blamed for the Housing Market Mania being experienced in the US. Yet the data tells a very different story.

Best Value Cities in the 2021 Real Estate Bubble

Where are the real estate markets that offer home buyers and investors the most value during the 2021 Housing Bubble? Reventure Consulting teaches you how to use data to find them!

The MYTH of the US Housing Shortage

Many pundits try to argue that the US is facing a housing shortage crisis. These people are wrong. In fact, the demographic data says the exact opposite – that there is a shortage in DEMAND for homes.

Real Estate Protects Against Inflation? Think Again!

Prices in the US Housing Market are at record levels in 2021 relative to wages and inflation. Yet we’re in a deep economic recession. How could this be? Well, blame HGTV.

Reventure Consulting Top 25 Market for Real Estate

Introducing the Reventure Top 25

Reventure Consulting will publish monthly insights into the Top 25 Markets for real estate investment across the country. Learn the data and methodology behind the Top 25!

The Inevitable 2021 Housing Crash: Inventory Deluge (Pt. 1)

The Housing Market is in a Bubble in early 2021. This Bubble will deflate and eventually pop over the next year. This post is the first in a three-part series that explains why.

California Real Estate Crash 2021?

California Real Estate has delivered exceptional returns over the last two decades. But some are now saying the state is in a Housing Bubble that is about crash.

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