Market Reports


Market Reports

How do you find the next hot growth market? Or avoid the market heading for a housing bust?

Reventure Consulting’s Market Reports provide clients with a lens into the future. Using proprietary data and evaluation methodology, Reventure’s Market Reports will provide you with unique insight into the markets, cities, and neighborhoods poised for the most growth potential into the future. They’re also sure to impress your lenders and equity investors.

  • Find the next hot growth market before anyone else
  • Avoid markets with deteriorating fundamentals
  • Discover the neighborhoods in the Path of Progress
  • Impress your lenders and investors
  • Above all, feel secure about your investment decisions

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Our Approach

Macro and Micro

Reventure’s investment strategy consulting has a dual focus: the macro and micro. Macro-level consulting identifies the cities and metros poised for long-term growth and escalating real estate values. Micro-level consulting shows you the locations and neighborhoods within the Path of Progress in those cities.

Predictive > Descriptive

Most real estate market reports focus on descriptive variables such as population growth, concessions, and vacancy rate.  This data is ultimately limited since it only describes what’s happened to date. Reventure’s investment strategy consulting utilizes KPIs that are predictive in nature, giving users a better lens into the future.

Proprietary Data

Reventure’s proprietary data sets were established based on years of research into the factors that drive demographic and real estate growth. The predictive variables that comprise this data set provide unique insight into your market. And you won’t find them anywhere else.

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