Feasibility Studies


Feasibility Studies

Are you a developer looking for a site to build a new apartment community? Or a lender thinking of financing a project in a pioneering location? Reventure leverages its extensive development experience with proprietary data sets to build detailed models of market supply, demand, and growth.

  • Clear insight into site viability
  • Demand growth modeling on MSA, submarket, and census tract levels
  • Detailed analysis of local supply competition
  • Conclusions relayed in simple, easy-to-understand graphs and tables

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Our Approach

Looking to the Future

The real estate landscape across US cities is changing at a feverish pace. In a matter of years, neighborhoods can go from being underdeveloped to attracting institutional investment capital. To account for these demographic and development shifts Reventure’s Feasibility Studies are forward-looking in nature. We model not just current demand and supply dynamics but the ones that will be at play five years down the road.

The Right Data

In the face of an uncertain economy and continued supply competition, having access to the right data is key. Reventure combines data from over 10 unique sources into intelligible key performance indicators so you can gain enhanced visibility into your project’s potential.

Seeing What’s Important

There are so many variables impacting development feasibility that it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important. Reventure will distill complicated aspects of demand, supply, and growth modeling into comprehensible observations that allow you to see both the forest and the trees.

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