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Finding the Unicorn: How to discover the next Growth Neighborhood

Successful real estate investing is all about finding a neighborhood early in its growth cycle. A good way to do that is by evaluating “Value Ratio” – the relationship between home values and income levels across different neighborhoods.

Northeast CRE Markets set for Significant Pain

Economies in the northeast have been hit significantly hard in the wake of the COVID crisis. Real estate markets will soon follow suit as federal fiscal stimulus abates.

What makes a Tech Hub?

The term “Tech Hub” gets thrown around loosely these days. Which markets have the true characteristics? Read more to find out.

Youth: The Driver of Market Growth

Real estate markets in areas with a youthful population will likely enjoy outsized growth into the future. Millennial Share, the percentage of population between 25 and 44, is the most important indicator of this growth potential.

Which markets face the most COVID risk?

Market exposure to the negative health and economic consequences from COVID varies across the country. Sprawling metros with younger and healthier populations – such as Salt Lake City and Austin – have a built-in advantage against the virus compared to areas like New York and Pittsburgh.

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